Part Two- University Fair Trade Activity, Update from Tamsien West at RMIT

Hi Fair Trade Advocates

As part of the lead-up to the 2012 Fairly Educated Conference, all across Australia and New Zealand leaders of university Fair Trade movements are giving a video updates of Fair Trade activity taking place on their campus.

The second video in the series is from our Conference Coordinator Tamsien West, how is also from RMIT University in Victoria.  In this short video she  talk about the Fair Trade activities that are happening at RMIT this year and explains the progress which has been made since RMIT became a ‘Fairtrade University’ in 2009.

Fair Trade at RMIT University – An update from Tamsien West Follow this link to watch the video, or check out the homepage to see the embedded video.

Did you miss Part One?  Fair Trade at La Trobe University- Joanna Watts.


The Fairly Educated Conference Team